Baijayant 'Jay' Panda

Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) from Kendrapada, Odisha, India

Tax Devolution & Centrally Sponsored Schemes: A Study

Author: Aftab Bose If you were to zoom in to different parts of India in random order, you’d be surprised at the variety of things on offer, ranging from tranquil … Continue reading

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…But every reform needs change

“With changing times and contexts, there is a need for us to constantly evaluate our options – which, of course, is the reason why the framers of the Constitution were wise enough to provide procedures to amend the Constitution.”

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India: Growth Story

Author: Jasmine Luthra Image Courtesy: By Manjul from After toiling with the sluggish Hindu rate of growth for decades, India saw an inflection of sorts with the critical neo-liberal … Continue reading

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Private Members’ Bills: A voice for the Opposition

Author: Nitish Agarwal Image courtesy: Indian Express The elections of 2014 and the results it brought forth were certainly a game changer for Indian politics. After two decades of coalition … Continue reading

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The role of regional parties in the national elections

Author: Apoorv Tiwari (Image courtesy: Politickle by Manjul) The General Elections of 2014 have generated a sense of excitement around politics, seldom seen in the past few years which have … Continue reading

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Democratizing candidate selection in India

Author: Biranchi Narayan Panigrahi (Image courtesy: The Hindu) We often pride ourselves on being the world’s largest democracy however, are we a truly representative one? The answer to that question … Continue reading

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